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    Lots of bass tabs and lessons, but the shining star here is the massive set of forums. Massive. Great resources -- I wouldn't be half the bassist I am now if it weren't for TalkBass.

    Great site for lessons and exotic scales, like a Chinese Mongolian or a Hirajoshi. Very cool.

    CyberFret: Bass
    Really good site for basic theory.

    Jazz Works Summer Camp
    A summer camp I went to in Summer 05. Great camp, faculty, great people. Can't wait to go back in Summer 06.

    Rondo Music
    Cheap instruments and instrument parts. Awesome.

    Basic Black
    Now-defunct jazz quintet Basic Black.

    James Everett
    Rockin'-cool musician. A graduate of Humber College's vocal jazz program, he is one of the most musically talented people I've ever met, or had the pleasure of listening to.

    Tired of spyware, adware, and other general pestilence? Download FireFox, and don't use Internet Explorer anymore. FireFox is far superior to IE, and there are a lot of people that create "extensions" for the program that allow you do do all sorts of things. Screencap of my FireFox with the extensions highlighted and described here. Extensions are cool.

    Steph Dawe
    A fellow TalkBass member with a cool site. Check it out. Sound samples, and bassy goodness, as well as a Sims page and a Prince of Persia page for those of us who are into gaming.

    Slava Fedossenko
    Another TB'er with a great site -- check out "Bass Corner" for some really cool lessons and exercises for both technique and basic music theory.

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